Blue Skies at War formed in the bitter winter of 2001, after the almost simultaneous break up of three local bands. Five longtime musical peers were given the opportunity to come together with one goal, to create music at all costs. Each member, having spent years playing in bands, were all looking for the same thing, to be a part of the last band they would ever have to join. All coming from different underground roots the musical style would turn out to be a flawlessly blended unison of all those influences, rock, emo, punk, hardcore. Crossing these genres and escaping the boundaries of any one scene Blue Skies at War are able to connect with anyone who simply enjoys passionate music. Shortly after the group started playing together they could not resist going to record the music they were making and the “Forever” EP was recorded on a budget of around 300 dollars. This four song EP with three acoustic interludes was recorded in two days and became the fuel for the bands first trip on the road. Shortly after their return home they returned the studio and began work on their next EP. This disc, a more mature and rounded collection, is where the band started to find their sound. After this another tour had to be taken the band had to get this music into hands and ears. During the period between this release and the release of their full length Blue Skies at War took every opportunity to play shows and stay on the road, all the time writing the songs for their first full length. When the time came and the band was ready to return to the studio they hit a somewhat self inflicted speed-bump. A week before going back to their familiar and affordable friend’s studio one of the guitarist broke both his hands. This put a hold on things and BSAW was forced to make some compromises. Simultaneously and serendipitously as the casts came off Blue Skies at War walked into EMAC studios and in a few short weeks, the band lost girlfriends, jobs, and college diplomas, but gained a crushingly beautiful CD that made every sacrifice worth while. Having this newborn gem opened a number of doors for the band and they began working with a management team and Curve Music. With the help of these new friends, a powerhouse of a CD, and juggernaut of a live show the band is ready to spread the word of the war. Since the band’s initial inception, a short two years ago they have independently released two EP’s and their full length album “You Pour The Gasoline, I’ll Light The Match” on Curve Music.

“This band is our hearts, our souls, everything we’ve ever believed in. As for comparison there is none… Everyone is equal, ideas shared, bonds made to never break.” – Blue.Skies.At.War