With incredible insight and ability to navigate and predict trends within the music industry, Brian Hetherman has worked with both artists and industry record labels and associations alike to help strategically steer all facets of the music industry towards successful growth and achievements.
Engrossed in what initially was a passion, consuming music at every turn – whether it be DJing or working at a record store, Brian forcefully turned his early love into a long-standing career.

Over 25 years later, Brian still remains a key player; navigating through experiences working as head of A&R at Universal Music Canada to judging TV’s Popstars, setting up and leading Radio Starmaker Fund as Executive Director and a multitude of industry associations notably FACTOR, International Music Manager’s Forum and the Canadian Country Music Association to name just a few.

With a professional breadth of knowledge yet approachable, down-to-earth like-ability, Brian continues to service both artists and labels looking to help them achieve a common goal; amplifying an artist’s voice, message, and art in order to reach as many ears and hearts as possible.

Throughout his career, Brian has earned a reputation for tirelessly advocating for artists, whether it be while managing a high calibre of artists at his own label and publishing company, Cerberus Artist Management and Curve Music, or while being asked to consult for Canadian Music Week, World Vision’s Artist Associate Program, and Gibson Guitars.

It is this presence within the music industry landscape that his dedication to managing well-known artists such as Holly McNarland, Suzie McNeil, Peter Katz and The Dead South, has repeatedly reinforced his reputation.